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3 ways to save on Medicare costs

Learn 3 ways to save on Medicare costs & see if options apply to you. Learn about Extra Help, Medicare Savings Plans, Medicaid, and more.

4 things to consider when comparing Medicare plans

Compare Medicare plans to get best healthcare coverage for you. Use Medicare Plan Finder to view costs, providers, ratings, more.

Smoke-free is the way to be

Join Great American Smokeout and quit smoking with Medicare's counseling to prevent tobacco use & tobacco-caused disease.

Get peace of mind with your Medicare coverage

Add extra coverage to meet your unique health needs. Choose from Medicare drug coverage, Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap).

November is American Diabetes Month — know the risks

Learn about diabetes risk factors, how to prevent diabetes, and what benefits Medicare covers if you have diabetes. Take steps to protect your health!

3 reasons to review & compare Medicare plans

Medicare Open Enrollment ends December 7. Compare health plan options for 2021 coverage, change plans if needed. Use official Medicare Plan Finder tool.

Medicare covers your 2020 flu shot

You or a loved one who has Medicare can enjoy flu shot coverage. Get free flu shots from a qualified health care provider, at no cost to you. Protect your health!

A COPD screening is more important now than ever

Get screened for COPD early as part of yearly lung cancer screening. Know signs of COPD, difficulty breathing, trouble walking, more.

Catch early signs of Alzheimer’s disease and take action!

Watch for early signs of Alzheimer’s disease like memory loss, confusion & get yearly wellness visit. Eat well, exercise, learn more.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month — lower your risk

Lung cancer awareness month is perfect time to get smoking cessation counseling or lung cancer screening. Watch video & lean more about Medicare coverage.

Hospice care at home: get the support you need

Learn about your Medicare hospice benefits. Trained caregivers provide hospice home care for physical & emotional needs. November is hospice month.

Next time, get your “Medicare & You” handbook electronically!

Save time, tax dollars & get your next “Medicare & You” handbook sent electronically. Make switch & help environment by going paperless.

Shop & compare 2021 plans with the Medicare Plan Finder

Don't forget your mental health care

Get depression screening if experiencing sadness, hopelessness, difficulty concentrating, more. Take care of your mental health.

Don’t put off your yearly mammogram—it’s too important to miss!

Get screened for breast cancer with annual mammogram, covered by Medicare. Lower breast cancer risk with exercise & healthy weight.